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Originally Posted by Lao Lao View Post
I appreciate you poking fun at me

Maybe I should have been more elaborate and stated that your entire post comparing a bunch of stutents occupying a derilict house that has been abadoned for several years to Venezuela was way over dramatic rather than limiting to just your use of the word "seizing"

You've obviously missed the demands of the group. They are not looking for the state to just take them off the owner with no financial compensation.

Couldn't agree more with this

I agree re time, planning and a broader solution but as mentioned before, there has been no action for years and it has been allowed to get to an absolute crisis point due to lack of political will.

The voting patterns you mention is a big generalisation. The accents from the people who were at the march on Wednesday suggest that the people involved are from a very wide spectrum on the socio-economic landscape and they certainly weren't all Shinners/PBP or certainly not from that background but may be starting to lean that way due to inaction by the parties you claim are making sensible incremental progress.

I agree with most of this also and I'm extremely lucky in that I was never really effected by the downturn (as many others weren't either) but the improved economy hasn't floated all boats and the people who need it most have been completely left behind.

I've been running a soup run for the last 32 months and was volunterring at another one for six months before that. Some of the things that I have seen/heard over that time...I've lost count at the amount of times that I've come home from it and broke down crying.

I'm not directing this at you presonally, but I really don't think the vast majority of people know just how bad some people have it at the minute.
I don’t think anyone is doubting that. The reason why someone is at a soup kitchen may be in the same realm as the property discussion but they are not exactly the same.

There are a lot of working poor who can just afford rent/mortgage with nothing left over for food. Leo’s get out of bed brigade.

They don’t want a free house but donwant the minimum wage increased, zero hours contracts gone and whatever else will allow them to get enough coming in to live in Dublin - anything but stop try to work their way out that is.

Should they have better supports - yes, Will opening up vacants help them in this points - no.

Obv unemployed and homeless use soup kitchens but they are more secure than those right at the bottom of the working ladder.
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