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But its only dollars, right?
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Originally Posted by PaddyPowerPoker View Post
Hi 8611,

We've actually put a lot of thought into this structure and are aware that there is a huge amount of prestige associated with winning the Irish Open Mini, as well as the main event so we want to offer the best possible value for money we can. We're also very conscious of the fact that we have a lot of older players (like Doke and Mick Mc Closkey ) .
Oh the cheek

At the risk of sounding like the Grandad who insists on doing pressups every time you see him to prove he's still fit, I was running 24 hours until a few years ago, do still routinely do 16 hour online shifts, and I am in talks with a tourney promoter to do a two or three day endurance poker tourney with no sleep breaks (that is, it plays through to a finish with only a short break every 2 hours).

As for Mick, sure he's been known to alternate 14 hours in the poker room with 10 in the bar trying to cadge a free drink (it saves on hotel rooms)
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