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Originally Posted by Dice75 View Post
Why the need to do this?

Assuming our tourney @Ä300 has a half decent structure and we are sitting pretty snug with 65bbs id like a lot more info on the villain. Are we folding to the 4 bet pre? Can he be flatting and getting tricky with QQ/KK/AA?
Considering that nowadays nobody folds to 3bets anymore we should be in good shape around is overall range that gets to the turn (especially vs this 22k size BTN should be flatting A LOT of hands he opens with).
QQ/KK/AA are such a small part of his range here that we are not deep enough to get too paranoid about it, especially without info on villain. This is as good as a flop as we could hope for JJ honestly.

Originally Posted by Dice75 View Post
Are we folding to the 4 bet pre?
Without specific info is really hard without knowing villain frequencies of flatting 3bets, 4betting, etc.
So with no reads if Villain is over 90 (or a nit like me who always has it) probably we can find a fold, otherwise we need to get them in. We are not 200x after all.

If this was a FT with high ICM pressure (ie. we are 2/9 in chips) then flat pre and avoid all the headache
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