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i am really going to get annoyed if this rubbish keeps ALAN...i wasnt the only sub on the night fact Lenny only asked me late to sub him after he heard that there was already a sub in......the problem seems to be is that i won a ticket...if not then can you direct all further comments and posts on this matter to the original substitute.

and regarding the best hand of the month......I got 4 aces on the 1st of the month....and the players refused to pay 1 euro a pot to try and beat this for 2 weeks there was NO cash game and this would have continued until the end of the month if i hadnt been paid out whatever hand was got after that is immaterial as the game wouldnt have taken place.....the man that got the better hand afterwards accepts and understands i dont see why its causing you and others a problem....
Your missing the point. On the night the other sub was being verbally abused before we started and was being told he should leave. I actually stuck up for him, told the other guy at my table to stop the abuse as both of ye were playing for someone else. The issue was that management should never allowed it and should then have corrected the error during the hour we sat looking at each other. It was confirmed to me later Pat by the manager that they would have asked the subs to leave except you were one of them. Being one of their most valued punters, they (John) bottled it.

And again, thank's for confirming you won the jackpot without having the best hand. I'm sure there would have being no cash games during the last 2 weeks of December if they had not paid out, it's usually a very quite time for poker.... It's not causing a problem (you are the one getting annoyed), it's one of many examples of why the club has stopped running tournaments.

Let's agree to disagree...maybe the management / owner's etc could come on and comment on the many post's on the subject.
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