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The reason it is closing is obv because it was not making money. 100% this was due to mis management and by that I mean John and not Carmen.

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Sad ,Sad men.......I got nothing i wasnt entitled to

You won the jackpot for high hand of the month where you did not have the high hand of the month? You won a ticket as a sub where no subs were allowed? The objection's on the night were ignored ONLY because they did not have the balls to tell you they fucked up as they were afraid to upset you. Once again, I have no issue whatsoever with you in either situation but these are prime examples of the ethos that went on.

.....if u read it properly u will understand it.....and i was asked as a friend to be a sub on the night only after he heard that there was already one sub in....anf if ye think that a few members boycotting had anything to do with the closure your wrong

I think that over the last couple of years the many many regulars that left / boycotted is the very reason they failed to make a profit which is why it is closing... was one of the owners decision a long time ago and it was always going to happen....just took longer than they thought....and by the way taking free shots and trying to upset a young woman in her present condition makes ye really sad men....or maybe i should leave out the "men" part...
I'm giving my view and as I'm not a regular anymore I have no idea what you mean by present condition but there are stories / incidents here reported by many as to what went wrong. I can see why someone would be upset if these many stories were let them come on and put to shame all the post's that are lies...
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