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The league play off was on a Saturday night where 2 players were allowed to substitute in for a play off (which was always against the rules). This was a decision taking by Carmen. When shuffle up and deal was announced I stopped the game from starting until the director on the night confirmed this through both herself and John (overall manager, well at least that was what he though he was) who both were not there. After another 30 mins waiting it was confirmed that we could play or leave (basically go fuck yourselves we are changing the rules because 1 of the players is managing us....) We played on, I bubbled to the same player.

On Sunday, I wrote (as in old school ink and paper ) and handed in a letter of complaint to John marked private about the situation.

On Monday when I walked in a dealer said to me "surprised to see you, though you would be home writing letters". This was also said at the table that night by the same sub above. I decided then that once my leagues were over I was finished with the club. I have been in 3 times this year to basically catch up on the regular's. These new promotions were started that night by Carmen. She called me aside at the start of the night and confirmed that (1) These new promo's were her idea and would run until end of the year, (2) John had told her to let the lads stay in the play off's, (3) That neither she nor John knew their own no subs rule even though everyone else did (4) That I could basically go fuck myself.

It's amazing that the same sub above is the same person who got paid out mid month on the jackpot. Again, he managed the management with the same bullshit above. I have no issue with him, he looked for things and they gave them to him.

By the way since private does not mean much. I was talking over a pint with someone about Jude's return. I said I was delighted he was back but gave out about how many got paid on his 1st night back (I told him this). I also said that nothing had changed and he was his usual over the top self (which was a good thing). A couple of nights later I was asked by herself to submit a complaint as she was not happy he was back and that they could start the process of official warnings if I would do this. I told her to go fuck herself.
Sad ,Sad men.......I got nothing i wasnt entitled to.....if u read it properly u will understand it.....and i was asked as a friend to be a sub on the night only after he heard that there was already one sub in....anf if ye think that a few members boycotting had anything to do with the closure your was one of the owners decision a long time ago and it was always going to happen....just took longer than they thought....and by the way taking free shots and trying to upset a young woman in her present condition makes ye really sad men....or maybe i should leave out the "men" part...
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