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Originally Posted by 710suited View Post
But it was making money when the promotions were in was only while she was on holidays and the guarantees and promotions well pulled that it collapsed.

And i am not saying all the ideas were good but this girl was trying her best and feeling her way to see what would work best.

And in regards to the paying out of one of the promotions before it had ended....this was done in order to save the cash was the BEST HAND OF THE MONTH promotion....the dealers had to collect a euro from the button on every hand to swell the pot for when 4 aces were got early in the month the players were not prepared to pay a euro each in every round to try to beat this hand and the game died completely for 2 in the interest of the game the best hand was paid before the end of the month and the cash game started again.and this promotion was scrapped as one of the bad ideas (remember nobody is perfect ).....also the hand that was got afterwards by a player was a royal flush .....and the game where this hand was got would never have taken place if the promotion hadnt been payed out early this point is N/A.
Are you associated with the club trying to defend a retarded decision like that? Paying out was crazy given that a straight flush would have taken it and then lo and behold someone binks a royal! Absolute mental carry on but then again they probably knew it was closing and didn't give a shite.
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