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Macau Xmas Cracker, 2019--,20000 euro GTD, 1-day game, Fri Dec 27th

I know its a bit early to be advertising a Xmas game, but with the amount of tournaments on around the country, I feel there's no harm in advertising the date of our game in advance.

Its Friday December 27th, with a 6pm start time, with late reg available until 10pm, which should be the end of dinner break.

Satellite earlier on the day at 3.30pm. Details to follow.

20,000 Guaranteed. Buy-in 200+20.

Online satts will be available on

1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc) Macau Poker Room
2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc) - Commercial
3. Date Friday 27th December 2019
4. Location Macau Sporting Club Cork
5. Any guaranteed prize pool 20,000 GTD
6. Registration and Start time of event Start at 6pm - Registration from 5pm
7. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc) Members, join on day, ID required.
8. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc) On the day at the event or from the casino before-hand.
9. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc) Hold Em.
10. Cost of entry - 220
11. How much of the entry fee is made up of registration fee - 20
12. If a rebuy, cost of rebuys/top-up N/A
13. How many and what duration are re-entry available 8 levels. Re-entry-200+20.
14. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into prize fund 100%
15. How many places being paid Approx 10% of the field
16. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much - No
17. Any tickets for future events given out as prizes. If so, how many N/A
18. Any additional prizes given out (merchandise etc) - No
19. Starting chips 25,000 - Full stacks on arrival up to end of level 8
20. Rebuy and top-up chip amounts N/A
21. Blind levels 100/100, 100/200, 100/200 Ante 200, 100/300 Ante 300, 200/400 Ante 400, 200/500 Ante 500, 300/600 Ante 600, 300/700 ante 700. etc etc all the levels.
22. Blind timeframes 8 x25/after dinner break-20 mins.
23. Are there going to be dealers and their level of skill Yes, professional
24. Will there be a documented list of rules - Yes TDA
25. Is there a tournament director - Yes
26. How are disputes handled ; who has final say Tournament Director.
27. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered 5%, capped at 8

Any phone enq to Connie at 087-2833343
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