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Weird bubble spot last night

Hi guys, found myself in a very tough spot last night, wondered if I might get some feedback?

So I'm playing a live 110 tournament, payouts of 1,000, 600 and 400. Four remain. I have 150k, villain has 90k, other two stacks 30k and 60k.

Blinds 2,000/4,000.

One fold, I'm on the button with K Q off. I make it 12,000, SB with 90k flats, BB folds.

Now info on the SB, he's certainly not the kind of player who would think a lot about situations, and doesn't bluff much. Very recreational player, not aggressive.

Flop is a K J 10 with two spades. SB open shoves on me.

Is it far too nitty to fold?

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