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Well done on another great weekend. The positive things about your events remain positive all the time and as expected.

One problem from the weekend though was that for a period the PLO tourney seemed to be neglected. We were left without a TD and twice about 20 minutes apart a table was calling floor repeatedly without anybody seeming to be responsible for it. We started with Toby, we then had to get John from the cash game area to deal with a ruling and then had to later call on Duke to deal with a situation. During this time a table also needed balancing when we were 6 handed on one table and 4 handed on another. The dealer at the 4 handed table had to call the other dealer to send the next BB.

I dont know how this occured, I also know it is not the norm when you are involved but when players pay 12.5% reg for a relatively painless tournament from your perspective it really shouldnt be happening. Maybe im making more of it than i should be but it genuinely tilits the bejaysus out of me when playing.

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