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The Stupid Play's Log

Im just going to log my many stupid plays at the end of tournaments here, so I can look back and not cod myself.

Now I wont be posting my regular enough " i shipped the 109s over his button raise and got snapped with ak" or " i shipped no pair no draw because i was sure he didn't have it" etc, as i do loads of that kind of thing and there is usually a point to it

1 Dungarvan 5k 24/9

Getting down the last few tables and after a nice few steels i decide to push J4s (maybe 18bbs) on the button over a player who is always going to call. Considering the other players at the table this was brain-dead to say the least.

2 Trip to Tipp 1/10

This is without a doubt the worst hand Ive ever played in 10-15 years of poker.

Come onto new table with 17 left and a slightly below average stack 40bb. Call young players UTG raise with AJus (Cut-off+1) maybe, call on an A high flop and then decide to push turn harmless card to be snapped with A5 2 pair. I mean for F**k sake calling down isnt that bad given standard chances of younger player going bet/bet/bet with something that i beat. This is the definition of a 100% pointless play with no upside at all.. Im only getting called by better and folding out worse.

Lesson learned hopefully from that low point.

Onto Warm-up for hopefully no posts here.
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