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Originally Posted by Nuttkickker View Post
Would love to see the tourney calender back was a great way to see what was happening for the year.

couple of suggestions:
not necessarily for festivals but could include any decent tourney that wasn't part of a weekly/monthly schedule
If the calender and tournament schedule were stickied beside each other in the "tournament and events" section
I know they all have their own threads anyway but can be spread out over a number of pages and in two seperate sections hard to see what is on when or can miss some threads altogether.
Think this would help both players and promoters

Regarding the Tournament schedule(read it hasnt been updaded in months) i'm sure it takes a lot of effort to keep that updated constantly if there was a way for each club/casino to keep their own up to date or at the very least a simple e-mail every time they did change their schedule. Im sure it is in every clubs/casino's interest to have their schedule posted on here.

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
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