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Originally Posted by MikeMcDermott View Post
I play in a weekly game with friends and there is a bit of a debate going on recently with regards to the blinds structure.

Starting stack is 14k with usually 2 full tables with 2 rebuys on each table so about 290k in play I think and the blinds are as follow...

100/200 20 mins
200/400 15 mins
300/600 "
400/800 "
500/1000 "
600/1200 "
700/1400 "
800/1600 "
1000/2000 "
1200/2400 "
1500/3000 12 mins
2000/4000 "
2500/5000 "
3000/6000 "
4000/8000 "
5000/1000 "
6000/12000 "

Now the debate is some people believe the blinds should keep going and some believe it should stop at 3000/6000. I personally thought they should keep going but until last night.

We were playing 4 handed and I was the big stack with the blinds at 5000/10000 and I only had 9 big blinds. The game at that point is just a turkey shoot and no room to actually play a bit of poker.

Any opinions greatly appreciated.
do you mean only 2 players are allowed to re-buy per table?
strange way to do it if it is. structure defo needs some adjusting
couple of suggestions

1: choose either freezeout or re-entry
2: have levels the same or shorter levels at start and longer levels later on
3: if you have the chips use a 50 chip too and start at 50/100 with 150/300 or increase the starting stack to 20k
4: get a free tournament clock on a laptop and have it ready before you start only takes a few mins to set it up with your own blind levels

2 tournament options
1: freezeout tourney with no rebuys with a 15k starting stack 15 min blinds going to 20 later on or even 20 mins all the way
2: re-entry tourney 15k starting stack and choose the length or re-entry period say 60,90 or 120 mins( add in 250 /500 level if 2 hour rebuy). 15 min blinds all the way or 20 mins after re-entry period if yous have the time.

50/100 15 mins
100/200 15 mins
150/300 15 mins
200/400 15 mins
300/600 15 mins
400/800 15 mins
500/1000 15/20 mins no more re-entries
600/1200 15/20 mins

re-entry is prob best option especially if some players have traveled far, but will take longer. Adjust the structure the first few weeks till it suits you's
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