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Originally Posted by blaaaaaaah View Post
Not even a sweat. Got it all in on a flop of 984dd with top 2 vrs flush draw, could not fade. Would of had nice stack if held.

Thanks for the backing guys, I guess it just wasn't ment to be. I will get you all your refund as soon as I get back home if that suits.

I know few ppl have asked about main event. I am trying to sell action for cash in Vegas so if anyone can do that hit me up. Searching for alternatives in the meantime so I can sell on Ipb and get $$$ easy out here. Will post update soon.

Once again to everyone who has invested, thank you for your backing. The messages of support I do receive is really appreciated, especially in such a high variance envoirnment such as Vegas.
Cheers Jason, always appreciate the opportunity to invest and I would be interested in ME % if possible. Bank Transfer is my only way so if it works out I would take 2%. Thanks.
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