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Originally Posted by dobby View Post
Only one I'm certain on is number 1. If pot is 40 and theres an uncalled bet of 100, you only rake the 40. To do otherwise is just thieving.

Numbers 2 and 3 would come down to house rules imo but in general I've never raked a split pot.

Number 3 actually sounds fine to me. Just unlucky for the shorty that hes being raked so much and the other players are much deeper.
As you say on No2, its house rules. I was surprised though to find it happen at a festival a couple of years ago in Ireland.
I cant recall if it was Champs87 and I in the hand or that we were just sitting beside one another.
The spot was as described above, I obviously asked and I was told "If there's a pot sir, we're going to rake it".

Pretty sure Champs up and left, perhaps he can recall, something in the Regency I think.
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