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Rake rage

Have played the $1/3 cash game on the cruise ship a few nights this week, and the rake is an extortionate 10% capped at $15. The game is still beatable though so you just have to such it up.

A few situations arose though that I'm not sure of the general rule.

1. Let's say the pot is $40 and someone bets $100 and is not called. The pot is raked as $140. Surely that's not the case? E.g if it's folded to the small blind and they bet $200 then they would rake $15, or does it depend on whether you see a flop?

2. If it's a split pot, do you still rake the full amount? I got all-in pre heads-up for a $400 pot AK v AK and they raked $15

3. If there's s side pot, does the rake come from the main and the remainder from the side? The main pot in one hand was $120 and the side was $600 and they raked $12 from the main and $3 from the side.

Pretty much at no stage did a dealer know how much was in the pot and rake it discretely. Every hand was counted out after it was over and raked (because it's REALLY difficult to rake 10% )

Plenty of other annoyances regarding other rules, but it is what it is, and the ship had its own rules!

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