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There was a period in late 2012 and early 2013 where the Shelbourne track was running ridiculously fast (on average prob 40 spots based on what dogs had done before and since). If you take that period out then in his short 6 race career Droopys Nidge is just about the fastest dog to run Shelbourne and he has better early than most. As a wide seed he'll be in 5 or 6 most nights, where he wants to be.
Most of the credible alternatives to him this year have already fallen away thru injury (Siderian Rhythm, Siderian Blaze, Greenwell Hulk).

I can't envision a line up right now where you could hand pick 5 other dogs in this Derby and he'd be Odds against, seriously try it, he can't be badly drawn.
He'll be odds on every night, massively odds on to qualify.
If he misses it in top class company he may struggle but he'd be unlucky to be in top class company before the 1/4s of this Derby.
I'd be backing him at 5s for this right now.

[edit to say that backing him at 5s does not mean I think he's 5/1, it means I think he's value at 5/1]

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