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those are mostly static stretches. Youll get better and easier results with dynamic stretching as part of your warm up.
something like this:

Really try to get more range on every rep.

Also head to and start from video one, do one or 2 videos a day and you'll be bendy as fuck in no time.

For warming up for strong lifts you can similar to the video, then get into a full squat position for 1-2 minutes. then move to the barbell. you know your work weight will be xxkg so go from an empty bar in increments until you hit your work weight doing 3-8 reps of each, I do:
work sets of 100
The 8 reps of light weight are quick with correct form, more like an extension of the dynamic warm up. During this time im exploring my range of motion to find any tight area where I will do more dynamic stretches or maybe some band assisted work during my rest times.

by the time i get close to my work weight im fully able to reach my full range of motion.

You can still do the static stretches either after your workout or during. Youll see more change that way.

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