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Originally Posted by Dice75 View Post
Had a similar spot a couple of years ago on a Live Bubble (€1700 min-cash)

H4H and there's an all-in on the other table (both 6 handed). 4 players off our table go to watch all-in hand who survives and their hands are dead as they don't make it back to seats in time.

Left are a dead BB (7bbs), me in SB (8bbs) and button (8bbs) - we are the 3 shorties in Tourney - and button shoves on me. A3o, call or fold?
thats a completely diff situation though, its on exact H4H play, OP's spot isnt at the bubble yet.and we dont know how far away from the bubble he is, either way bubbles shouldnt affect our play and if they do we shouldnt be playing that high of a buyin anyways. the only thing similar is both villains should be shoving close to any two cards and we should be still calling with A3o
Equity Win Tie
MP2 54.75% 52.57% 2.18% { Ac3s }
MP3 45.25% 43.07% 2.18% { 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T2s+, 92s+, 82s+, 72s+, 62s+, 52s+, 42s+, 32s, A2o+, K3o+, Q3o+, J3o+, T3o+, 93o+, 83o+, 73o+, 63o+, 53o+, 43o }

thats your equity v an atc shove with the 2xo hands in it.

EDIT: your spot is alot closer obv due to the exact money bubble but we shouldnt be playing just to cash so thats why im calling in your hand.

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