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Took part in the Vancouver marathon on Sunday. Picture says a thousand words and all that:

I had trained better for this marathon than 5 previous and was confident of sub 3:20 especially when passing halfway at 1:37:xx with plenty in the tank. Similar issues have transpired within a few km range in my previous 3 and this one followed suit. Around km 25 I started to feel my calves cramp up whenever I made any change to stride like slowing down for water. It was calf cramps that got me last year in the same race, pretty much at the same time. Could be some subconscious work at play but it was pretty hot and I was flying it so most likely dehydration (the only 2/6 marathons that didn't involve prolonged walking at the end were the ones that were in milder conditions).

I did my upmost to clear any thinking and focus on maintaining a consistent stride and for most of km 25 - km 35 I was jogging at least. There were a few stops where I just keeled over from the cramps and had to try and massage them out with force. Once I hitt km 35 I faced the reality that I could only walk the remainder; every time I took to a slow pace with short strides my left calf would spasm like crazy and force me to the ground. I sat with disappointment for a couple of minutes and then perked up as the final 10km were in beautiful weather around Vancouver's sea wall. It would have been great to see the training rewarded with a low 3 hour time but I took satisfaction from giving it all I had and the level of fitness I'm working with now.

It's close to the end of the road for this duration of running for me. Can't ignore body signals anymore and it's something I can come back to down the line. Just have a couple of dirty ones to get out of the way before then... I signed up for these last week in an attempt to downplay the marathon in my mind
  • Iron Knee Trail Race (25km; 600m elevation)
  • Be Fearless Trail Marathon (42km; 1300m elevation)
  • Tenderfoot Boogie Ultra (50km; 2075m elevation)
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