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cash game ruling. player flips his cards on river

Cash Game Ruling.

So I'm in middle position playing approx 335 in a 1-2 with optional straddle (Missisippi or regular) No Limit Holdem game.
In this hand there is a 5 straddle on the button (known as a Missisippi straddle).

An early position player limps for 5 and I call 5 and the others fold to the button who then raises to 25. All fold except me. I call and we both see a flop with approximately 55 in the pot. The player on the button has got about the same stack as me give or take 20 euros so let's assume he has 335 also.

I hold Ks3s and flop is 2s3hJs. I check, button bets 30. I call. Pot is now 115 approximately.

Turn is a 2d. I check button bets 50. I tank a bit (considering a shove) and call.

River is Qh.

Pot is now 215 and I check and the button instantly moves all in.

I think for maybe 10-15 seconds. I shuffle my cards face down and am considering either folding or calling. I decide I want to tell him verbally (speech play heads up in this club is perfectly allowed) that I think even though I missed my flush draw that I think I'm still ahead.

So I drop my cards to the table (they are just over the line but not folded or anywhere near the muck and I'm well within control of them. As I'm literally mid sentence ("I missed my flush draw but I think I'm still ahead") he flips over his two cards to show Kh7h for a bluff with no pair.

All the while the dealer is fixing his rake and cash league chips and is temporarily preoccupied with that.

The button player suddenly gets very animated about the pot not being immediately pushed towards him. The dealer lifts his head up to assess the situation and I'm just sitting there in a bit of shock that the button has gone and done such a silly thing and now I have the easiest of decisions with my two pair being good.

But he starts shouting out how I had folded since my cards were positioned slighty over the chip line.

The floor is called.

What happens here? What's the ruling.

Button is not a regular and is clearly a little inexperienced (in this club at least). I'm a regular.

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