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Originally Posted by SICKPUPPY View Post
Dont like the fact you have an ace in your hand if u had 7 or an 8 id probably call.
Like if you flop 2 pair are you going to go to war here.
I like your hand for 30 on the button deep but for 170 its a fold.
Calling 3 or 4 bets with an ace is bad sometimes like this time imo

your run down is not even a run down flopping gin here is going to be difficult
if you were utg and flop apair and a flush draw and got the first bet in for 510 and get some fold equity in
utg has little more than a pot sized bet so im thinking regardles of flops hes shipping it
calling 20%of your stack here is a mistake imo
The reason i called originally for 30 is because I am quite comfortable playing flops post flop in position especially against the UTG raiser and although I know my hand is certainly not a premium hand by any stretch of the imagination, I know for sure unless flop comes all one suit or double paired and the UTG limp raiser has no flush or trips he is potting almost all flops that are not scary, tbh i know he is capable of shoving on some flops that are terrible for his hand also so thats why i called originally, as it turned out the flop came 974 with two spades and he did indeed shove with the bare A's and no draw!

The CO called and the small blind called and the pot was HUUUUGE :O Also 20 minutes previous I lost a 1k pot with my AA<KK aipf in holdem!
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