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1/2 Live Top 2 on the turn

We don't seem to do much strategy here any more so I'm going to post a few interesting hands again.

This one is from 1/2 Live in the Fitz. I don't play Hold'em cash there much so I don't know the villains so no real reads but I had villain A is quite nitty and villain B as much better and seemed to be taking advantages of situations and signs of weakness.

9 handed, we are the effective stack with c300 and the others have about 500 each.

Villain A raises to 10 UTG+1, Villain B UTG+2 calls as do we next to act with 57ss and both the button and the Blinds come along.

Flop 235 rainbow 60
Its checked to us, we check, button checks.

Turn 7h putting a flush draw on board.
checked to Villain A who bets 40, Villain B raises to 85, we?
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