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Originally Posted by JP Poker View Post
Hi Guys,

A few points following on from comments to my reply last night.

Regarding Rule 46: I will start a new thread later for that rule as I think it merits its own thread.

Dealing with the original post:
The dealer originally said it was a call, someone (I’m guessing Dave) called for a ruling. One of my supervisors ruled it as a raise and the hand played on. This supervisor came to me to discuss the ruling as he thought he may have gotten it wrong. After explaining the situation to me, I informed him that he made an incorrect ruling.

Then I went to the table (not knowing who was involved in the rule) and explained that an incorrect ruling was made in the last hand and explained what the correct ruling should have been.

Regarding the rule itself:
The oversized chip rule has been in the TDA rule set for a number of years, but how it should be applied to this specific situation was clarified for me in 2011. Prior to that, I would have ruled it a raise.

I remember at that time when the new rule set was published, I was working EPT Barcelona and we (floor staff and newly appointed EPT President) were discussing the rules and we were spilt almost 50-50 on if this situation was a call or a raise. I can’t remember exactly who was on which side of the fence, I do remember that I thought it was a raise and Luca Vivaldi thought it was a call. Anyway, long story short, we got in touch with the TDA to clarify the situation and they confirmed it was a CALL.

The example they gave was something similar to one that Flushdraw gave in a different thread about his local club in Donegal where the players try to make it easier for the dealers to give change.

Example given:
Blinds are 300-600, folded to SB who removes 2 x 100 chips and places a single 1,000 chip into the pot. Using the 50% raise rule he would have to make it 1,200 but using the oversized chip rule it’s just a call.

Whether we like the rule or not, the rule itself can be debated, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is the correct ruling in this situation according to TDA rules.
surely you must take into consideration with this rule that at this time the blinds were v150 /300 so by taking back the 2 x25 chips and putting out 1000 chip leaving the 100 chip out there it saying im raising not calling .

i always thought 1 chip was a call unless told otherwise and 2 chips was a raise

1/ the example you give is ok with the blinds given but not with what the blinds were when this happened

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