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Originally Posted by connie147 View Post
Just one more question on the Dave Masters scenario. Ok, so some players think its a raise, and some deem it a call, but is there a problem with the dealer asking Dave what his intention was?

Problem I see with this now is that some of the learned that frequent here (not neccessarilt IPB members, but lurkers, can now start to use this rule as an angleshoot to see a cheap flop.

Five players limp for 300 preflop.
SB does what Dave Masters did, ie takes out 50 from his sb and adds 1000 chip.
1 player calls for a ruling because he knows this TDA ruling.

Is it wrong then for the dealer to say to the sb: "is that a raise or a call" ?

This is definately an interesting ruling as it does happen quite a lot. And where as JP can come on here and educate the interested people/players, its totally different when a rule like that is implemented at a lower level where players dont even know about the existance of the TDA rules. At what stage does common sense and fairness get over-ruled by the rules?
Hi Connie,

I find it's best to start when new players start. No point in them getting into bad habits.

When a new player comes into my club, I normally ask them a few questions like...

How did you here about us?
Where do you normally play? Ect

You'll know fast enough if the player is a newbie or not.

At this point I'll explain the basic's. I'll tell his table that he is a new player and that were going to explain the rules to him as he goes along.

Normally you'll find that the players are all very helpful with this. As he/she makes mistakes we ask them what they were trying to do and allow it but explain the rule to them.

The biggest mistakes you normally find are string bets, acting out of turn ect. The first night is normally a free pass unless they break the same rule over and over.

Let me stress the place for this is in a cheap friendly game not a mid to high buy-in.

Players are expected to have enough knowledge by the time they start playing at these levels.

I'd also like to point out if I feel that the player has zero knowledge I normally tell them play a few home games with their friends (or to come back and play on our cheapest night). I explain to them that they'll just lose their money and won't enjoy themselves as they will mostly likely be making mistake after mistake. I also strongly advise against players playing cash at this point and will also not allow some players to play cash.

Some people might think this is foolish of me to turn away business, but I think long term this makes the most sense. No point in a new player starting with a real bad experience and losing a ton of money and never playing again.
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