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Originally Posted by connie147 View Post
Just one more question on the Dave Masters scenario. Ok, so some players think its a raise, and some deem it a call, but is there a problem with the dealer asking Dave what his intention was?

Problem I see with this now is that some of the learned that frequent here (not neccessarilt IPB members, but lurkers, can now start to use this rule as an angleshoot to see a cheap flop.

Five players limp for 300 preflop.
SB does what Dave Masters did, ie takes out 50 from his sb and adds 1000 chip.
1 player calls for a ruling because he knows this TDA ruling.

Is it wrong then for the dealer to say to the sb: "is that a raise or a call" ?

This is definately an interesting ruling as it does happen quite a lot. And where as JP can come on here and educate the interested people/players, its totally different when a rule like that is implemented at a lower level where players dont even know about the existance of the TDA rules. At what stage does common sense and fairness get over-ruled by the rules?
Unfortunately it would seem at every stage.
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