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Originally Posted by 8611 View Post
There were over 5 players reg'd when I was trying repeatedly to reg, software wouldn't let me, not your fault Paddy's but a pile of pants
TBF I was watching the entries like a hawk and I NEVER saw more than 4 (Jamie Fly was one of the players, so he would have an idea as well)....don't think I can blame PPP on this one!

On a side note does anyone have an opinion on the buy-in for the sat? Obviously players want to get a ticket for as cheap as possible..... But I believe a €55 entry for a €560 ticket is more than fair. If we make it €30 to enter then the structure and chips would have to be tightened ..... I believe the €55 is a smashing buy-in and, for value and a decent structure, would not like to "tweak" it too much.... thoughts?
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