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Originally Posted by tipp86 View Post
Im 12 buyins below ev in 8.5k hands its a pretty tough way to come into a new game type. Its hard to know if a lot of it is shit play or what.
Seriously I think you need to get some really basic strategy before you get fancy, PLO is a very different game to NLH. I'm saying this as reading your posts is very NLH'y. I'd genuinely read Supersystem eventhough it hasn't received the highest praise in this thread. I was playing 5k plo and this was the only strategy piece I'd ever read at the time (and I'd go back to it and reread every 3 months or so) although I'd constantly discuss and analyse hand histories with friends and on 2plus2 etc, constantly pokercalc'ing hands and spots is absolutely essential.
You really need to get the basics right, also I wouldn't be too against playing tight when you are starting off but by playing tight I mean good PLO hands rather than NLH hands.
After that just gamble, gamble, gamble
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