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Originally Posted by Hectorjelly View Post
I think its a good hand to 3bet, its almost good enough to call. On the flop a 100% cbet range is bad and really exploitable, I don't want to bet hands there with no equity so I need some hands to put in a check call range that have showdown value, JJ or JT here are basically the same and both play much better as check calls.
you don't have that many hands with no equity on that flop .
All your 99+ have equity ,all ur Broadway's have equity .
You have some 99,88,77 and some 65,89 type hand without s flush draw maybe that has no equity !

And then why not bet with those 89,77 type hands that have no equity on flop that connects with most of your range ?
If my pre flop 3betting range is very Broadway heavy ,how is me leading close to 100% of my range on that flop exploitable ?
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