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Originally Posted by Hectorjelly View Post
Day 5

12 Mtts. Blanked a $100 mtt, but 2 small cashes and a fourth place puts the roll up to 380. Exactly where I started from

Still have one more $100 ticket to fire.

This is why I came 4th. (Warning, bad beat)

Though this was an interesting spot. I snapped since I had the Jh, might fold without it.
And another interesting river decision. Ill leave out the results and see what other people think.
second last hand:
i don't like the 3bet pre and i dont like the flop check as im leading 100% of my range on that flop.
as played ur gonna have to call even with out the Jh...your hand is face up here when u check/call flop .your hand looks like a hand that wants to get to show down cheap ,JJ or maybe Ak with Ah or Kh and your line is very inducing so ur gonna have to make light calls there often.

last hand:i prefer a small flop cr here .
u can do it with ur 9To,KQo ,QT for balance .
i think ppl cbet paird boards way to often and cbet it too big as well so i think constructing a good c/r range there is very profitable.

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