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Originally Posted by Hectorjelly View Post
Yeah you might be right, thats pretty interesting. To nitpick, I don't think he defends many of those hands, and also doesn't have a balanced range for leading the turn with them either. He check minraised on the flop and then half pot the turn, that screams value to me. Also the pot odds are a bit misleading since there is another street to play and my hand can't improve
While I agree that my above post assumes not only those hands but plays them that way 100% of the time ,I still think it's a call by far .

Say of all those combos of semi bluffs I gave him he only plays them this way half the time !

You still have 56/2= 28 combos of hands u beat .
So his range is split 50/50 so he is semi bluffing still 50% of the times !

you don't need to improve to be good versus at least 50% of his range .
If u fold AT here ,then u should fold JJ -AA as well .

As for small bet screaming value I disagree too !

I think most of the value range would bet bigger to charge for the draws .

If I'm there with 88 I'm not min rasing and only half poting there .
I bet bigger cuz I expect the calling range to have reasonable equity against me
With all these draws .
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