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mucked or not?

Don't think this is controversial really, but let's see:

Heads-up to the river, player 1 checks, player 2 checks.
Player 1 says "I missed"; player 2 says "Ace Hi" and clearly shows A2 - while holding the cards in his hands.

Player 1 throws his cards, face-down, towards the muck
Player 2 then too throws his cards (A2), face down, towards the muck...

The dealer, who has to this point just been staring into space now wakes up and is confused, having basically missed the action described above. Dealer sees the 4 face-down card and says, 'I need to see some cards'

Player 1 - an inexperienced player who is basically just being obedient - immediately reaches in and flips his hand - only, lo and behold, to reveal he actually rivered bottom pair...

who gets the pot??
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