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I would like boards to clarify whether I as a player who is in no way affiliated to a poker tournament that I have created a thread about or financially interested in it in any way is bound by rules pertaining to organisers advertising tournaments. Surely as simply a player I am entitled to give my opinion and share my experiences of a tournament. If my experiences happen to be positive and I share this why should that be seen as advertising and not opionon. Likewise if I give scant information about the tournament for example buy in and start times does that supersede my personal opinion and therefore make it advertising. If that were the case then basically all you could allow in a post about a tournament would be ones opinion about a tournament which would go something like ' was a good value tournament with an x buy in, great Craic and it had a great structure with a. y stack with and a sociable start time of m on a certain day of the week'.
Boards needs to understand and clarify for itself that in the course of giving opinion and shRing experiences it becomes imperative that information relevant to these is shared. This is not advertising and therefore should to be seen and bound by rules pertaining to advertsing is followed.
wtf are you on about? You ave created numerous different accounts to promote the game in Athlone, we get the message
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