View Full Version : Amount of Data used while on Betfair??

31-03-10, 21:27
Thinking about getting mobile broadband for on the go but not sure whether to get billpay or prepay broadband. Prepay gives me 5gb usage allowance per month and bill gives me 15gb per month.

I plan on using betfair via a standard trading program on average 4 hours per day anyone any idea's on how much data that would use?

31-03-10, 21:59
I'd be stunned if you broke your data cap just from Betfair.

31-03-10, 22:30
I would be more worried about latency and packet loss tbh. If you are trying to exit a trade or grab a price quickly it can time out. Mobile broadband is a last resort for me if something goes badly wrong and i am nowhere near a proper internet connection.